Maylasia Flight 370

What schools never teach. – March 25, 2014. Yesterday the Malaysian government finally announced that Flight 370 had crashed in the southern part of the Indian Ocean killing all 239 people on board. Of course this is horrible news, especially for those who actually knew someone on the plane. However, 99.999% of the people who followed the saga on TV knew nobody on the plane. During the fourteen days of uncertainty about the 239 passengers, more than 1,000,0000 other people died in the world. Their deaths received absolutely no press coverage. – Some of the reactions I saw to the announcement of the crash were striking. Watching people lament the death of a loved one is always a horrible thing to see. But it was not those people who struck me the most; it was the people who wanted to know “THE TRUTH”, the whole truth. News people and some family members kept claiming that the lack of truth about what happened on Flight 370 was scandalous…What exactly happened in the cockpit? What went on in the minds of the pilots? What exact flight path did the plane take? What were the exact backgrounds of everyone on the plane? Who and what actually are to blame for the catastrophe? And on and on…But perhaps the real scandal has nothing to do with these unanswered questions. Perhaps the real scandal is the people think they can KNOW the reasons and causes of…EVERYTHING. This is where we are in the world today. People think they have the right to know everything and they are sure that – with the correct information – they can KNOW…EVERYTHING. – What ludicrous folly! What stupidity! What unthinking cretinism! What imbecility! What naivety! What myth! What absurd nonsense!…Let’s take the subject of knowing “what happened in the cockpit”. There were men and machines in that cockpit. We might find out what happened on the mechanical side, but we will never know what happened in the human heads. Those human heads cannot be understood. Never. By nobody. If one pilot was crazy, locked the door, drugged or killed the other, maybe himself, then sent the plane out into the black night to let it crash a few hours later, do you think we can ever know “WHY” anyone would do such a thing? Of course not. The causes of someone doing such a thing are infinite…a whole life experience, the whole makeup of a mind and brain…this can never be “KNOWN, this can never be understood! Never. Ever. Forever…We are all infinite. Every moment is infinite. Only stupid people don’t understand this…and why are people so stupid? This question, too, is impossible to answer, of course. But I will tell you one thing: people are not educated “to think”. People are educated “to know”…to know answers to questions that require no thinking, only rote memorization. But they are never educated to “know what they cannot know”. They are never educated to think about the nature of knowledge and the limits of knowledge and to understand what real knowledge might really be. No, none of this is taught in schools, in homes, by governments and educators. That is why billions of people all over the planet still believe in mythical gods, mythical causalities, mythical realities, mythical “facts” about the universe and human being…things like “beginnings” and “ends”, “free will”, even “thinking” itself…is there really an I that thinks? Might thinking (in all creatures) be something completely different that what we “think” it is? … The deaths of the people on Flight 370 were all tragic, but so were the other 1,000,000 deaths that took place in the world during the time of the search. And what caused all those deaths? No one really knows (aren’t the causes of death as complex as the causes of life?) and of course most people absolutely don’t care because the media never trumpeted a note about those deaths. – The world is an odd place. Many of its inhabitants are obsessed with “knowing the facts” about things. I suggest they start to realize that things are never as simple as they appear on TV or in print. In fact “things” are often infinite processes that can never be known. I suggest people start concerning themselves with understanding what they can’t know. And then eventually, way down the long and winding road of human thought, maybe one day – one great day – they will start wondering if, in fact, there are any “facts” at all.

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