Copernicus 2

The next Copernican revolution. – When Copernicus pointed out that the earth was not the center of the universe, it was said that he changed things forever. But did he really? Though man no longer saw his planet at the center of things, didn’t he still see “himself” at the center of things? Copernicus might have changed the map of the heavens (what an odd word to use for infinite space…wouldn’t the hells be just as accurate?), but did he change man’s view of himself in those heavens? To this day, doesn’t man still view himself the same way he did in Copernicus’s time, i.e. that he is the “intellectual center of the universe”? that he and only he has the keys to understanding the universe?that he and only he is capable of “knowing”? – We need a new revolution: the Nietzsche revolution. Nietzsche said all philosophers were essentially full of shit. He said all moralities were bogus. He said that gods didn’t create the world, but the world created gods. He said mankind had no reason to believe that he could know the truth. He said existence was never about morality, but always about power. He said there were no solutions because man himself was the problem…But Nietzsche, like Copernicus has not been immediately accepted. The crowd has shouted him down. A hundred years have passed since he died and we still live in a world of Truth Sayers, we still fight “moral” wars, and we still believe in inexistent gods. – It took a few centuries before people really started believing that the earth goes around the sun. It will take a few centuries before people start believing that they really don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. But one day…way down the road…it will happen, and we will look at language as a lot of barking and chirping and we will “know” that we don’t know. Finally we will situate ourselves in our rightful intellectual place, probably somewhere between the snake and the eagle. In any case, it will be a place where instincts dominate and not pure reason.


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